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It's a classic

A young couple goes on vacation to the tropics, fall in love with the island and make it their forever home

Sahara is rooted in this young couples’ home country of Syria—exotic spices and layers of flavours cooked with nothing but passion and love. Quality ingredients with a focus on health make for the always fresh, forever authentic culinary experience that Sahara has become known for. We take pride in what we do and want you to experience every step of the journey.

Sahara 101

Our journey starts way back...


Fajer and Assma travelled from Syria to Barbados in 1990 to experience the Caribbean. They fell in love with the crystal waters, rich culture and the warm, inviting people of Barbados. They decided to settle in Barbados and make it their family home—two sons later, and after many years, they decided to switch careers and open Sahara.


Fajer, known as “Bob” by many, left the engineering of buildings for the crafting of food. Bob was always passionate about food—finding himself in his mother’s kitchen experimenting and preparing traditional foods from the region.

With Assma and the boys’ support, Bob eventually decided to take their collective love of food from home and open Sahara—a family-owned and run restaurant at its core.

Over time, Sahara became the most recommended Middle Eastern restaurant in Barbados for highlighting the authentic flavours the region is known for and the unrelenting commitment to quality, service, passion and love placed in each and every order.

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